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'22-'23 Officers

City of Franklin

2023-2024 Officers

Michael Stephens, MGT

Town of Wytheville

2023-2024 President

Stephens, Mike Wythville_edited.jpg


First, I would like to thank those who attended the 92nd Annual Treasurers’ Association of Virginia Conference that was held in Wytheville. The Conference Committee had a great balance of education, entertainment, and excursions. The rain played havoc with the excursions. However, we were able to provide a history tour and utilize the Crossroads Social House to entertain our members and guests. Thanks for your participation in the historic event.

The Treasurers’ Association of Virginia was established in 1930. Mr. O. B. Watson of Orange County was the first elected President. In 1959, Mrs. Anne H. Miller, Treasurer of Washington County, was the first Lady elected President. Now in 2023, I become the first Town Treasurer elected to serve as President.


To say I am honored would be an understatement. I want to thank you for the opportunity to serve as your President, and I will promise to do my part to continue the tradition of excellence for which the Treasurers’ Association of Virginia stands. I ask each of you to continue your service to the Association by serving in a capacity with which you are comfortable.

Acosta, Jody Falls Church.jpg


Jody Acosta, MGT

Falls Church City

Grindstaff, Scott Henry.jpg

2nd Vice President

Scott Grindstaff, MGT

Henry County

Stone, Sandra Patrick_edited.jpg


Sandra K. Stone, MGT

Patrick County

Shafer, Jeff_edited.jpg

Past President

Jeff Shafer, MGT

Harrisonburg City

Wilcox, Tanya Fauquier.jpg

1st  Vice President

Tanya Wilcox, MGT

Fauquier County

Smith, Delores_edited.jpg


Delores W. Smith, CPA, MGT

Wise County

Babb, Dinah Franklin City 2022.JPG

Immediate Past President

Dinah Babb, MGT

Franklin City

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