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TAV Education Programs

MGT/MGDT Program

Career Development

Office Accreditation

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Master Governmental Treasurer (MGT)
Deputy Treasurer (MGDT)

The MGT/MGDT Certification Program is designed to advance the professionalism of the local governmental Treasurer and his/her staff in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Local government finance, like many other professions, requires special study, knowledge and skills. The constituency served by the Treasurer and his/her staff deserves a high level of professional competence. This Certification Program sets forth the regulations and standards that recognize professional attainment.

The Treasurer/Deputy Treasurer completing this Certification Program shall be designated as a Master Governmental Treasurer / Deputy Treasurer.

Office Accreditation

The Office Accreditation program is a voluntary program administered by the Treasurer’s Association of Virginia.  Office Accreditation is an office-wide designation recognizing offices that meet the statewide best practices for performance in treasury management.  The program is comprised of various educational, policy, performance, and procedural qualifications.  Applications are typically due in February each year.
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Career Development Program

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