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Objectives of the Association

1. To unite the treasurers of the counties, cities, and towns of the  Commonwealth of Virginia.

2. To encourage mutual assistance among the members of the Association.

3. To encourage standardization of practices.

4. To elevate the standards of professional practice.

5. To uphold the principles of good government.

6. To assist in every honorable way in furthering the interests of its members, and toward bringing about a better understanding among them.

7. To teach that organization, cooperation and reciprocity are better than rivalry, strife and destructive competition.

8. To promote the constant cooperation of the county, city, and town treasurers with other elected and appointed state and local officials.

9. To encourage the application of the highest ethical standards in office, and endeavor, by the exchange of methods and ideas, to increase efficiency.

10.To promote and uphold the Treasurer’s Office as an elected Constitutional Office and use our energies and resources to maintain the principle of elected Treasurers.

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