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Pay Annual Membership Dues Online

  • Dues cover the period of July 1- June 30 and are not prorated.
  • Dues apply to the entire office, including any new individuals employed during the year. 
  • Dues must be paid to take advantage of discount education and conference registrations.
  • Per IRS code 6113, contributions (including membership dues) are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Approximately 22.4% of membership dues used for political/lobbying expenditures.

By submitting your online payment, you agree to accept, honor and uphold all articles of the TAV Code of Ethics.

Click your locality population level below to proceed to checkout:
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The TAV is a member driven organization enacted, in part,:

  • To promote and uphold the Treasurer’s Office as an elected Constitutional Office and use our energies and resources to maintain the principle of elected Treasurers.

  • To encourage the application of the highest ethical standards in office, and endeavor, by the exchange of methods and ideas, to increase efficiency.

  • To unite the Treasurers of the counties, cities, and towns of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

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